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    Wrestling shoes are an extremely unique shoe and with so many different models and brands it can be difficult to choose the right shoes for your style. Typically, wrestlers choose shoes based on their style and technology as well as the outsole.

    Style and Technology
    While most wrestlers prefer a traditional lace-up design, some prefer a zip-up style. Others prefer velcro. We carry all styles of wrestling shoes, with most available in multiple colors. Almost all wrestling shoes now feature an integrated lace garage or cover to keep the laces hidden and comply with regulations. We also carry wide wrestling shoes for wrestlers with wider feet in the Split Second Wide and Response GT. Many higher-end wrestling shoes will feature some type of anti-odor technology, and also offer improved support.
    The most important component of a wrestling shoe is the outsole. Some wrestlers prefer a split-sole design, which features two separate sole components for flexibility. Wrestling shoe technology has advanced to the point that regular soles offer great flexibility, yet some wrestlers still prefer a split sole style. Rubber outsoles help stick to the mat and provide superior traction. Typically, cheaper wrestling shoes will feature a gum rubber outsole.

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